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Reversing Trauma 12 Week Course

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Why your CAREGIVERS should take these Classes: 

If your caregivers are feeling overwhelmed, invisible, exhausted and/or misunderstood, they will get much needed support. These classes are EXTREMELY CALMING AND NURTURING and will help caregivers and (their loved ones) feel better! 


Harnessing Your
Happiness Hormones

This workshop provides an internal snapshot of the levels of stress and happiness hormones a person's nervous system is producing to either "THRIVE" or "SURVIVE". Participants take a hormone quiz to determine their hormone levels and are given a map that provides strategies to reduce stress hormone and increase happiness hormone production. This is an eye-opening experience for many people! 


Caregiver Resiliency Training

This six-week training is a weekly focus on happiness hormone production. Caregivers will learn and practice personal resiliency skills, as well as one parenting skill each week designed to enhance the happiness hormone production in themselves as well as their family members. 

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