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Connection, above all else,
leads to happiness!

About Nick

Do you ever wonder if "this is all life has to offer?" That question used to haunt me. Through the ups and downs of life, and a long bout of family health crises, I lost sight of my dreams and felt like the best years of my life were already behind me. I fell into a pit of despair. I had lots of relationship challenges and felt hugely disappointed on a daily basis by my family and by life itself. I became increasingly lonely and my loneliness led me into some very disruptive coping behaviors. 

Through steadfast coaching and a spiritual reset, I was able to reverse my despair into vibrant joy! If you are wondering if "this is it" for life and its meaning, I invite you to come to one of my personal growth seminars or relationship workshops. Here you will get some tools that you can use right away, and begin the journey of meaningful foundational connection to your Life Force and your Self. As you do this, your relationships will begin to change themselves. Connection with you, to you, by you, and through you is the balm that heals all wounds in the past, future and present.

Everyone has relationship challenges. 
The path to relationship happiness is three-fold, and in this order:
Connect to your Life Force/God
Connect to your Self
Connect to your People


Call or Text: 707-393-7484

Nick Lawrence, MA, is a Certified Life Coach, and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. He has a Masters Degree in Education, and has taught Kindergarten through Masters Degree level classes. He worked as an educator, focusing on at-risk youth, and as the Director of a Foster Parent Program at Santa Rosa Junior College. He saw a great need for families who are experiencing trauma and developed his practice as a Family Resiliency Coach.  Nick is down-to-earth, and is looking for people who want to recalibrate their lives for maximum enjoyment in all aspects of life.

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Nick Lawrence, MA
Director Tools for Life, Inc
a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people thrive!

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