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Tools for Life

Nick Lawrence, MA


Family Resiliency, Relationship & Life Coach

Parent Educator

Professional Development Trainer

Harnessing Your Happiness Hormones & Caregiver Resiliency Trainings

Meet Nick

Director of Tools for Life

Nick Lawrence, MA, is the Director of 

Tools for Life, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people thrive! 

Nick is an entertaining, transformative, empowering, and informative National Speaker and Trainer. He is the Former Director of Foster and Kinship Education at Santa Rosa Junior College, with 25 years experience in Early Childhood Education, Parent Education, and Trauma Recovery Education. 

Nick Presenting

What we specialize in

brain map

 Managing the Autonomic Nervous System

happy sad images

Parenting "Difficult"


brain gears

Using Whole Brain Parenting Skills

happy family

Helping Families Heal from Trauma

tree in palm

Teaching People how to THRIVE

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Highly Effective Trainings That

  • Help families avoid and recover from emotional escalation during intense outbursts

  • Increase the happiness of caregivers & kids

  • Help families bond and heal from trauma

I look forward to hearing from you! Your feedback is important to me! If you want to schedule a Coaching Session, please send me an email click here  (

My family has completely transformed from me taking this class. I didn't think it was possible to have a happy family experience. I am so grateful for having taken this class!

Dave ~ Northern CA Foster Parent

I've been in Nick's class many times and I've loved every class! I feel like I'm dedicating time for myself as a place for me to grow. I am learning how to stay in a more quiet and peaceful place in my mind so that I can connect better with my kids. They are watching me put into practice what we are learning, and by doing that they are learning, too. It's really been great for my whole family! Thank you so much Nick. I really appreciate what you do and I love the classes. Thank you!

Alejandra ~ Northern CA Foster Parent

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